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We have been successful in securing funding to build the organisation’s capacity. We wanted to get in touch with our members and potential members after what has been a very demanding initial couple of years for the directors.

We have used the funding to:

  • Build our membership and active involvement by meeting and consulting with other community groups and individuals, explaining the vision and aims of the Whitburn CDT and to hear about groups, volunteers and members own ambitions, plans, issues and support needs.
  • Training for CDT directors this included three training events:

The Roles and Responsibilities of Company Directors and Charity Trustees

Developing Policies and Procedures for Community Organisations

Grant Funding Workshop.

  • Develop a communications strategy, develop a logo, create this interactive website with up to date information about the CDT.
  • Development of a Whitburn Community Organisations Group.  This groups currently meets monthly and any organisation providing a service/group/activity in the town can attend.  It is hoped that this group will facilitate better communication within the town in terms of co-ordinating events,
  • Developed a staff post to take forward a Volunteer Information & advice Service

Future Plans:

Develop a Business Plan

More consultations work with the community including a Household Survey

Secure funding to sustain the current projects

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