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When the Whitburn British Legion Club closed a week before Armistice Day in 2011, local groups involved in organising the Parade needed help in a hurry.  Whitburn Community Development Trust was approached to help with administering the finance for the organising group of ex-service men, uniformed organisations and church representatives. Subsequently successful Armistice Day Parades have been held in Whitburn to honour the memory of our brave servicemen and women who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The work of organising this year’s Parade went well, but the Group has a few Projects which are taking up its time. The Cenotaph Service was led by the Rev Dr A Kerr of Whitburn South Church assisted by Rev Fr J Boyle from St Joseph’s Church.  Lodge Polkemmet No 927 agreed to fund the refreshments for this year’s Parade and we owe them grateful thanks.


On Friday 21st March 2014, a ceremony is being held to Rededicate the newly refurbished Cenotaph Area and also the launch of the new 1st World War project of which the pupils of Whitburn Academy are heavily involved in. The day will link two Soldiers from Whitburn whose name appear on the Memorial, Lt Sir Gawaine Baillie, who we believe to be the first man to have lost his life in 1914.  Sapper Robert Thomson was the last person recorded on the Cenotaph in 2014.  Along with many others, these two brave men were united in doing their duty and paying the ultimate sacrifice.  A parade of Serving Soldiers and Ex Service Personnel will assemble and leave Whitburn Bowling Club, West Main Street @ 14:00hrs and parade to the Cenotaph for 14:30hrs, then return following service to Bowling Club for refreshments. We would encourage you to join the parade and if so, please phone 01501 748708 or visit Whitburn Community Development Trust Office, 61 West Main Street.  Alternatively, you can book in at paul@whitburncdt.org.uk This is to give the Parade Marshall & Organisers an idea of numbers.  Parade will Marshall @ 13:45hrs. Any Residents of Whitburn or Surrounding Districts wishing to Honour Our Fallen and take part in the Ceremony should be at the Cenotaph, Manse Road Whitburn before the 14:30hrs Ceremony.  All are welcome.

1st World War project

A 1st World War project is being organised in conjunction with Whitburn Academy to be run at the western end of Blaeberryhill Park within which the Cenotaph is situated. It is hoped that funding can be gained for this work which is currently in the early stages of development.

On Friday afternoon of 21st March 2014 it is intended to launch the 1st World war Project and assuming the new layout of the Cenotaph area is finished, to re dedicate the new discreet area to the Fallen of all the Conflicts since 1914.

Although,  Ian has began work on this , a small dedicated Committee will be set up to identify a suitably apt program for the day and make arrangements to accommodate that Program, if you wish to be involved in the planning of this day and join this Committee, Ian would appreciate an e-mail ianten12312@aol.com

Contact and Meetings

If you would like to be involved or find out more about these projects please contact: Ian Tennant:ianten12312@aol.com

The date of the Annual review meeting of the Armistice Parade Group is scheduled for Wednesday 5th February 2014, remember this is the meeting to go over last years Parade, identifying the pros and cons and making any adjustments for next years Parade.

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